Studio Furniture

The most important elements of your home studio setup are sometimes the most overlooked.

Your studio desk, an ergonomic chair and acoustic treatment materials all are the foundation of a proper home studio.

This page is a compilation of the articles I’ve written about home studio furniture including buyer’s guides and other resources.

Like I said, this is a topic that seems to be pushed aside by some producers out there.

Before we go any further, let’s go over the basics of studio furniture.

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Home Studio Furniture Basics

To be fair, you don’t need to go too far down the rabbit hole here, but there are a few key pieces of furniture required in a functional home recording studio.

Let’s break those down:

  • Studio Desk: this is where all of your gear will live. Make sure your desk is very sturdy and big enough to house your equipment with plenty breathing room.
  • Ergonomic Studio Chair: I wouldn’t recommend going out and getting any old chair. You’ll be spending many hours sitting in front of your studio desk, so it’s imperative that your chair is ergonomic and comfortable over long periods of time.
  • Acoustic Treatment Panels: you don’t need a lot at the beginning, but it would still be wise to throw up some acoustic panels in your studio. After that, add some bass traps and diffusion panels when you’re ready to do so.

As your home recording studio progresses, you’ll start adding more and more furniture into the mix.

Below you’ll find all of my articles related to home studio furniture.

These guides are designed to help you make educated decisions on the fundamental parts of your studio setup.

Desks & Seating

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Best Home Studio Desks

First and foremost, you need a desk. This article covers everything you need to look for in a studio desk. After that, I give you my favorite options that can be bought online. It’s true that all of this depends on your specific studio space, so there is a variety of options to choose from.

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Best Studio Chairs

The next step is choosing a supportive and ergonomic studio chair. This is arguably the most important piece of equipment in the entirety of your studio. If you have a subpar chair, then you might be wreaking havoc on your body. Check out this article to learn more about this and more!

Acoustic Treatment

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Best Acoustic Panels

The first step to treating your studio is adding some acoustic panels to your walls. Even a few panels helps tremendously. This article talks about what types of panels to look for as well as what material is best. From there, I give you my top picks of what’s available on the market today. Be sure to refer to my acoustic treatment article before checking this one out.

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Best Bass Traps

After throwing up some panels on your walls, you’ll need to add some bass traps to the corners of your room. These bad boys are designed to tame those pesky low frequencies that create a multitude of problems in the studio. I tell you what to look for as well as what options are the best, all in one article.

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Best Monitor Isolation Pads

If your monitors live on top of your studio desk instead of on stands, then you’ll undoubtedly need some isolation pads. These are placed underneath your studio monitors to create a barrier between them and your desk. This helps to put and end to any harmful vibrations during your mixing and monitoring processes.


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Best Keyboard Stands

Keyboard stands are a great way to save some space on your studio desk. Not only that, but if you plan on using multiple keyboards, then you can keep everything more organized. The keyboard stands on this list are durable, convenient and easy to use. Definitely a must-read for serious keyboardists.

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Best Portable Vocal Booths

Portable vocal booths (or isolation booths) are extremely useful for those of you who don’t have a dedicated area for recording vocals. If your dying to start recording, but you only have a small bedroom studio, then these will be great for you. Check out this article to see what my favorite portable vocal booths are on the market today!

Advanced Setup

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Best Studio Racks

As things evolve in your studio, you inevitably add some rackmounted hardware to your list of equipment. That’s where these handy pieces of home studio furniture come into play. Studio racks allow you to consolidate any piece of rackmount gear into one place. There are a number of options to choose from though, so I’ve written this article to make things easier to understand.

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This page covers home studio furniture exclusively.

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