The 5 Best Home Studio Desks in 2021 [Best Studio Desk Buyer’s Guide]

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When it comes to home studio desks, functionality is important. The ability to keep all of your gear and equipment organized keeps the headaches away, and improves your overall quality of life. The last thing you need is anything getting in the way of your music production workflow. That’s why finding the best studio desk is key.

That being the case, it’s often an overlooked topic. Most people are busy thinking of what mixer they need, or what MIDI controller is best. Those are important things, of course, but having the best studio desk to put all of that equipment has a huge impact. 

In my list of the 5 best studio desks I want to point out what I consider to be great options. I also want to give you the information you might be looking for in order to make a sound choice.

Let’s get into the multiple factors that play a part in choosing what home recording studio desk is right for you.

Quick Picks

Top Pick

Feature 1

On-Stage WS7500 Series Wood Studio Workstation

– Loads of space
– Packed with features
– Very sturdy

Feature 1

Nucleus 2 Studio Desk

– Universal ⅝” thread adapter
– Internal cable management
Supports a lot of weight

Feature 1

Studio Trends STLD46

– Functional
– Excellent value
– Height adjustable

Choosing The Right Home Studio Desk

There are a lot more things you might need to consider when researching the right home recording studio desk than you might think. Narrowing down the different aspects to what will suit your specific needs will surely make the decision less of a hassle.

These conditions include the size, functionality, ergonomics, and construction quality of your new studio desk. Each of these considerations are important in their own way. Let’s take a look at why they’re worth keeping in mind.

Size and Functionality

Functionality has its role to play in a few areas. Relatively speaking, any old table with a couple of shelves can serve as a studio desk. But, additional details can make a world of difference, especially in a workstation tailored to your home studio.

For example, sliding drawers for synthesizers and keyboards.

Or, multi-layer shelving or studio monitor stands elevated with space below for a step sequencer. Headphone hooks are always a cool feature.

Utilize cable management wherever possible to avoid clutter among all of your studio equipment.

All of the little things are what can be found in the best studio desks. Having a bunch of features at your fingertips makes for an optimal level of functionality in your studio for music production. 

The size of the home recording studio desk is pretty fundamental considering that it will have to fit into whatever space you have designated for your studio. Once that desk is in place, it’s not likely to move again very often. Making sure that it is the right size and has the ability to hold everything you need is a great preemptive plan.

Finding ways to save space and add functionality are key when it comes to your home studio desk setup. Using wireless speaker converters, built-in rack spaces, a ground-level CPU stand for computer towers, or wall mounts for studio monitors are a few examples of space-saving features and utilities to keep an eye out for.

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Don’t forget about the future though. You might find yourself upgrading and adding some new recording studio equipment along the way. In this case, make sure you’re cutting out a little more space for a bigger desk might be a choice worth debating.


The amount of time you spend sitting at your studio desk tinkering and fine-tuning your sounds definitely has an affect on the body. This is a well known fact, and something worth taking into account during the search for suitable studio desks. Poorly designed studio desks can potentially cause all sorts of nagging neck pains, back pains, headaches, and can maybe even cause carpal tunnel.

Make sure the monitor is positioned in the middle of your eye level on your studio desk at about two or three feet away. Practicing proper posture is helpful as well.

Make sure you’re sitting with a straight back, elbows tucked close to your torso, and an aligned neck position.

The mouse and keyboard (as well as all tools and instruments) should be at a level that you’re not reaching up to use them. Studio desks with good ergonomics can have major benefits in the long run. 

Construction Quality

There is quite a bit of controversy when it comes to home assembly furniture and desks. Nobody likes studio desks made with flimsy junk that shows its ugly face a year down the road. Buying furniture of any kind online can come with risks. There are a few times I’ve received a new piece of studio furniture bought off the web, started assembling it, and there were missing parts. Or, it came with a few bruises.

We’ve all been there, and it’s frustrating. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat unavoidable. The only thing we can hope for is that those studio desk parts show up in good shape, which does happen more often than not.

So with all of these things in mind, I’ve done my best to research studio desks that use good base materials. Typically, builds that use engineered wood, steel, chipboard and sometimes glass are safe bets.

Best Home Studio Desks List

At the end of the day, you want a studio desk that caters to user comfort. Your recording studio time is a salvation of sorts. A comfortable and pleasant environment with minimal obstacles is what really improves the quality of life in your studio.

Now that we’ve covered all of the important aspects of choosing a great desk, let’s dive into my favorite home studio desk options…

Top Pick

On-Stage WS7500 Series Wood Studio Workstation

“Between the reliable build-quality, the great features, and incredible functionality; I really believe that it’s a worthy foundation for any home studio.”

  • Customizable
  • Ergonomic Z-Frame design
  • Sturdy
  • Complicated assembly

The On-Stage Stands WS7500 Workstation is a good looking home recording studio desk that offers a really cool feature… it’s customizable! It has a few different components so you can pick and choose how you want to use it.

Those components include a corner accessory, a rack cabinet for added studio rack space, and an under-desk single space rack. These are all separate from the main studio desk and you put them all together in an L-shaped final product. Those studio rack spaces on that cabinet will come in handy.

The ability to expand and customize this home studio desk is a huge reason why this is my favorite pick. You could start off with just the main desk, then down the road as you add more studio equipment, you can add more pieces as you see fit. I just find that so convenient.

It might seem like this studio desk is massive with all of its components, but it actually uses space and cable management in quite a smart way. This doesn’t mean that the On-Stage Stands WS7500 sacrifices table space though. You’ll be able to fit everything you need with ease. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways that you can fit a pair of studio monitors on this thing as well.

With all components put together, you can really be creative with where and how you place your studio gear. This leads to better functionality, and loads of freedom. It also has a very helpful ergonomic Z-frame design, meaning everything sits at a comfortable level. 

The On-Stage Stands WS7500 also has a fair price tag for how sturdy it is. Usually, studio desks of any kind in this price range can lack in construction quality. But, many users praise this desk for the minimal amount of “give” it as.

That being said, there are a lot of complaints out there about how difficult this studio desk is to assemble. The instructions given are hard to follow, and some folks received parts that were incorrect.

The modern look and high end levels of functionality are just a couple of things that make these studio desks shine. Also, it has a build quality that surely outweighs its price point. All in all, I really believe the On Stage-Stands WS7500 is a worthy foundation to anyone’s home studio.


Nucleus 2 Studio Desk

“If you’re looking for a lot of space to do multiple things at once, then this Ultimate Support Nucleus 2 Studio Desk is a great option.”

  • Loads of space
  • Packed with features
  • Very sturdy
  • Expensive

If you’re looking for a lot of space to do multiple things at once, then this Ultimate Support Nucleus 2 Studio Desk is a great option. The amount of main surface space in conjunction with it’s incredible features makes this desk perfect for all of the different components that a studio requires.

It’s large riser gives you enough room for a dual-monitor setup or a set of studio monitors. Below the riser is a 4 rack space cutout for a few pieces of studio gear, which is awesome. The possibilities are endless.

The main praise I have for these studio desks is how versatile they are. You can really curate your studio setup in any way you want with this amount of freedom and surface space. It also comes in a variety of styles spanning from a more basic, single-shelf design, to an ultra-loaded version with an attached studio rack and cable management avenues.

This variation is a perfect middle-ground. It has a keyboard tray, a unique U-shaped design, and two 6-space studio racks on either side. There is a total of 15 studio rack space units among the multiple rack options on this desk, giving you a lot of rack space for those high end pieces of equipment.

All of these features do come with a hefty price-tag though. It’s a high end studio desk for those of you that are serious studio-heads. This bad boy really is all you could ever want when researching the best studio desks though, and the price-point is justified for what you get.

(Updated pick for 2021)

This Studio Trends line of studio desks are truly a gem. The one I’ve decided to include on this list is the 46″ desk size variant, although they have a more compact 30″ version. What makes these studio desks special are the features you’d seldom find in other options.

First and foremost, this studio desk is height adjustable. This adds a level of freedom in terms of where you can put this thing. On top of that, the whole studio desk sits on four wheels and the 2 front ones lock in place once you’ve found it’s home.

This is yet another studio desk that has 4U rack spaces for your studio equipment. This is obviously always a welcome feature for your music production needs. Another thing that’s nice is the monitor riser shelf up top in conjunction with being height adjustable. Unfortunately, at 46 inches you’d have a hard time fitting dual monitors or studio monitors if that’s how you want your studio to be.

Just like many studio desks on this list, there is no slide out keyboard tray, but you can add a clamp on tray if need be.

All in all, these Studio Trends studio desks are a worthy option. Their features like being height adjustable, being portable with wheels, and having studio rack spaces are exactly what we’re looking for.

All of this comes at a respectable price point for what you get. If all this is what you’re looking for, this might be the right desk for your studio.

This TOPSKY desk is for those looking for a more compact and minimalist studio setup. It has a good size main shelf with a large riser, a slide out keyboard tray, and two stands on either side. All of these features create quite a bit of functionality without taking up a lot of space in your room and home.

The rustic brown color of the engineered wood is very attractive. This desk just has a nice aesthetic appeal to it. The main surface space of the main shelf won’t hinder your ability to fit a couple instruments comfortably in your studio. You might be able to get creative with a set of studio monitors and cable management as well.

The materials used are higher quality than expected at this price point, which is a huge plus. It’s steel frame, and thick slabs of wood, makes it a really sturdy piece of potential studio furniture. In most cases, the term “you get what you pay for” is ever present when buying these types of desks online. That’s not so much the case with this desk. It has a great feeling of value to it.

If this desk ends up being the one you like for your home studio, then be prepared for a confusing assembly process. The instructions are very vague, and can sometimes show up in different languages. This home desk also suffers from a small slide out keyboard tray which is somewhat common among these kinds of potential studio desks.

If the slide out keyboard tray was just a little bit wider, then fitting a keyboard and mouse would be possible. Unfortunately, it’s just barely big enough to fit a keyboard, which is definitely frustrating. As I stated earlier, a good workaround for added studio space is a clamp-on keyboard tray if you need it.

This desk is a perfect option for those with limited space availability. It still has some great functionality, and a few key features to provide a comfortable studio environment for music production. 

The AuAg gaming desk isn’t necessarily just for gamers. There’s a lot of main surface space that’s large enough for all sorts of home studio goodies for music production. This is yet another minimalist desk so you won’t need to sacrifice tons of room for a proper studio. It sits at a cozy 29.5” high, so it offers some decent ergonomics while still leaving some leg room.

It also has a cool carbon fiber look to it with some sleek logos scattered throughout. It only weighs about 60 pounds making it easy to move around your music studio if necessary. That doesn’t mean it lacks in sturdiness. It’s a solid and simple desk made out of wood up top, and steel T-legs down below. The main surface area is also entirely covered by a 3mm thick waterproof mouse pad.

Some users complain about the seam that runs down the middle of these desks. It comes in three different pieces which was supposed to make home assembly easier. But that only led to that weird split in the desk. Most folks haven’t had issues with their desks bowing or bending at this split point, but it’s fair to point it out nonetheless. 

Although the desk has a headphone hook and a cup holder, it does lack other features. There are no monitor stands, CPU stands for computer towers or shelves for studio monitors. The idea is to keep it simple with this desk.

The main tabletop is still large enough to house a good amount of home studio equipment, though don’t expect a boat load of functionality in this desk. You can add a clamp-on tray to further utilize the tabletop surface space if you want to get creative. There is no slide out keyboard tray.

If you’re looking for a desk size that’s modest and minimal, then this is a good option. It’s a comfortable desk with no obstructions. This AuAg desk is a perfect starting point for any music studio.

This Walker Edison L-shaped Contemporary desk is the only glass option I’ve included on this studio desks list. I’ve included it for a number of reasons. It sits at an ideal 29” high and sports a universal CPU stand for computer towers.

The L-Shaped design is convenient and offers a good amount of studio surface space for music production. These desks win big time in its aesthetics. The glass and steel design makes it look good anywhere you put it.

On a side note, I’ve seen a few home studio users who’ve bought two of these desks and joined them together, creating a large U-Shaped workstation which works out really well. If you need wide-open spaces in your studio, then that’s something you might need to consider.

The build quality is quite solid for its price tag. There’s little to no wobble and the glass doesn’t feel sketchy at all. This is the most affordable studio desk option in this list, but rest assured, it doesn’t feel cheap.

Now, this desk is predominantly glass as I’ve clearly stated. With glass comes a few downfalls, especially in a studio environment. It has a tendency to get dirty easily, mainly from fingerprints.

The glass can also scratch easily if you’re not careful. That being said, unless you’re not being super aggressive with it, the glass holds up nicely. The home assembly process is a huge pain with these desks, so be prepared for making a day out of putting this guy together.

Unfortunately, the slide out keyboard tray suffers from the same thing as others on this list. It’s not quite wide enough for a keyboard and mouse. If you need an alternative, consider a clamp-on tray or a home DIY fix.

There isn’t a monitor riser included here either or shelves for studio monitors. Cable management for your studio gear is something to keep in mind considering you can see everything through the clear glass.

At the end of the day, these desks offer a lot in it’s good looks and sturdy build quality. I’ve seen some creative things that people have done to this desk too, like stringing some RGB lights under the glass. This desk gives some unique opportunities to add your own flair to your studio.


In conclusion, we can see which studio desk is my clear favorite. The On-Stage WS7500 Series Studio Workstations features are substantial. The ability to customize it to suit your needs is unprecedented. That feature gives you a form of freedom unlike any other in this list, especially in terms of future expansion. The WS7500 is a desk that’s truly tailored to creating an awesome home studio setup for music production.

There’s a lot of versatility, functionality, and opportunities to be found in all of these desks. After all, we’re talking about the most important piece of furniture in any studio. I hope my list of best studio desks can help you find the right desk for your studio.

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